The Portal

May 3, 2022

***Due to a lack of employees, and in agreement with the CRFHT physicians, we have deactivated the messaging option and we have disabled access to book an appointment on the Portal for an undetermined period of time.  
If you try to compose a new message, you will see the warning « No recipients available ».
The clinic will still be able to send you messages and documents.

If you wish to communicate with your physician or book an appointment, please contact the clinic at 613-446-7677.

Thank you for your understanding.***

What is the Portal?

In collaboration with the company Pomelo Health (previously known as Health Myself), patients at the clinic can now register on a Portal.

The Portal is a secure, confidential online space that allows you to communicate with the clinic from your computer or smartphone.

  • What YOU will be able to do:
    • Make or change an appointment online for yourself and/or family members under your care
    • Send us messages with attachments (e.g. documents or images)
    • Receive information on preventative medicine.
  • What WE will be able to do:
    • Confirm your up-coming appointment
    • Notify you if your appointment has been changed
    • Send you a message (e.g. test results, completed forms, an appointment with a specialist)

How do you register with the Portal

Normally you have to register for the portal in person so we can confirm your identity.  In these exceptional times however, we have come up with a way for you to register on-line.

1) Download and print the consent form here

2) Complete the form.  Please note the following:

a)       In the field “Photo ID” enter the type of photo ID you are using (e.g. driver’s license) and the number.  The ID must show your signature

b)       Skip the field “Clinic witness” and “Patient label

3.       In the field “Dependents” only enter the names of those who are 15 years old or younger, or for whom you have a Power of Attorney for personal care

3) Send the signed form and copy of the photo ID by email to

We will place the form and photo ID in your chart, and then send you an invitation by email as well as user tips.

Advice on using the Portal

We launched the Portal in July 2016, and now just over half our patients have registered on it. In general, people are using it properly, but there are still a few things we would like to bring to your attention.

  1. You are not required to use the Portal. We offer it as a convenience, but if you do not wish to use it, let us know. We will remove you from the Portal and go back to communicating with you by phone.
  2. If it is an emergency, call the clinic or 911. We cannot emphasize enough the fact that the Portal is strictly for non-emergency communication.
  3. Keep your emails short and to the point. Sometimes we receive messages that are over 100 words long, which make it hard to identify the problem.
  4. Give us time to respond. It can take up to 7 days to answer your message, based on its priority. If you do not receive a response within the time you expect, please do not send another message. Make an appointment instead and tell the doctor to disregard your message.
  5. Sending a message is not a substitute for an appointment. Don’t stay home and let your health deteriorate or let a prescription expire while you wait for a response.
  6. Check your Spam folder regularly. Emails from the Portal (like other emails) are sometimes misidentified as junk mail.
  7.  Keep your contact information up to date. We ask you to do this to avoid any problems when we send you a message.
  8. Use the Portal for its intended purposes. Ask us questions about your medications, lab results, routine follow-ups, or the status of a referral. On the other hand, asking to be treated for something that needs to be assessed by a health professional or not reading the response we have sent are examples of misuse of the Portal.
  9. A clinic employee other than your physician may read and respond to your message. We do this to save time. For example, if you ask for a copy of your lab results, in some cases our staff is authorized to send it to you without having to ask the doctor. However, in more complex situations, the message will go to your doctor.
  10. Do not use another person’s Portal account. If we find that this is the case, we will simply return the message to you.
  11. We need a piece of photo ID for every Portal registration. We do this to ensure that the address you have given actually does belong to you.
  12. Click on the Technical Support button in the Portal when you need assistance.

To log into the Portal click here PomeloHealth