Policies for our patients


We will:

- Offer extended hours for any minor emergencies, with the evening and Saturday appointments

- Provide after hours access for the Telephone Health Advisory Service (THAS), 1-866-553-7205

- Offer access to our team of interdisciplinary healthcare providers

You will:

- Consult us about ALL health problems requiring treatment in hospital, or that are not extreme emergencies, either by making an appointment at the clinic or by calling the THAS when the clinics are closed

- Avoir going to walk-in clinics such as the emergency clinic in Orléans or the Appletree clinics without consulting us first. This does not apply to care provided by specialists, emergency care at a hospital, or care during hospitalization. By complying with this request, you will be sure that your doctor is constantly kept up to date on your health, allowing him or her to provide you with optimum care

- Make sure you do the appropriate follow-up as suggested by the doctor

- Always bring your medications to your appointments

- Provide us with 24 hours’ notice of cancellation if you cannot attend an appointment so we can give to another patient who needs it.



There are currently no doctors accepting new patients.

As soon as one of our doctors is ready to accept more patients in his or her practice, we will publish it on our website and on our Facebook page.

We encourage you to visit our website and our Facebook page regularly for the most up to date news.

We do not have a waitlist.

To help you in your search for a primary health care provider, we suggest that you try the website Ontario.ca



Your feedback is essential to help us continually improve our services and enhace your experience at the clinic.

If you have any comments or suggestions for the Clarence-Rockland Family Health Team, please feel free to e-mail us at info@crfht.ca



The Clarence-Rockland Family Health Team (CRFHT) is committed to patient privacy and the confidentiality of the personal health information (“PHI”) it holds.  This notice describes how health information about you may be used, collected, and disclosed; and how you can access this information, in compliance with Ontario’s Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004.

Your Health Record

Your health record includes information relevant to your health including your date of birth, contact information, health history, family health history, details of your physical and mental health, the care and support you received during your visits, results from tests and procedures, and information from other health care providers.  The information in your health record belongs to you, but the health record itself is the property of CRFHT.

Your health record is stored in our electronic medical record system (EMR) which is protected by multiple passwords and a firewall.  All members of our healthcare team have access to the EMR.

All staff sign a privacy and confidentiality agreement at time of employment and annually thereafter as part of their evaluation.  In addition, all staff receives mandatory privacy training during orientation and on an ongoing basis. The EMR is audited regularly for unauthorized use and/or access.

With limited exceptions, you have the right to access the health information we hold about you, whether in the health record or elsewhere. If you request a copy of your record, one will be provided to you at a reasonable cost. If you wish to view the original record, one of our staff members must be present, and a reasonable fee may be charged for this access. If you need a copy of your health record, please ask your care provider or contact our Privacy Officer.  In rare situations, you may be denied access to some or all of your record (with any such denial being in accordance with applicable law).

We make every effort to ensure that all of your information is recorded accurately. Please let us know if there is something that is incorrect. You have a right to ask for a correction to your record if you disagree with what is recorded.  In most cases we will be able to make the requested correction but if not, we will ask you to prepare a statement of disagreement to be attached to the record.

Our Practices

We collect, use and disclose (i.e. share) your health information to:

  • Treat and care for you
  • Deliver our programs
  • Plan, administer and manage our internal operations
  • Be paid or process, monitor, verify or reimburse claims for payment
  • Provide appointment reminders to you
  • Conduct risk management, error management and quality improvement activities
  • Educate our staff and students
  • Respond to or initiate proceedings
  • Compile statistics
  • Comply with legal and regulatory requirements
  • Fulfill other purposes permitted or required by law

Our collection, use and disclosure of your personal health information is done in accordance with Ontario law.

Your Choices

You have a right to make choices as to how your health information at CRFHT is collected, used, and disclosed.

For most purposes, your consent to use your health information is implied as a result of your consent to treatment unless you tell us otherwise. We may also collect, use and disclose your health information in order to communicate or consult with other health care providers about your care unless you tell us you do not want us to do so.

You have the right to ask that we not share some or all of your health record with one or more of our staff members, or ask us not to share your health record with one or more of your external health care providers (such as a specialist). This is known as asking for a “lockbox”.  It is important to note that there may be an impact on our ability to provide you with the best care if our healthcare professionals cannot access your health record.  For this reason, we ask that you discuss this with your family doctor first.

There are other circumstances where we are not allowed to assume we have your consent to share information.  For example, we must have your permission to give your health information to people who do not provide you with health care including health professionals in CRFHT not involved in your care, your insurance company or your employer. We may also need consent to communicate with any family members or friends with whom you would like us to share information about your health unless one or more of these individuals is your substitute decision-maker.

When we require and ask for your consent, you may choose to say no subject to some restrictions under applicable law. If you say yes, you may change your mind at any time subject to the requirement for you to provide us with reasonable notice. Once you say no, we will no longer share your information unless you say so.

There are cases where we may collect, use or disclose your health information without your consent, as permitted or required by law. For example, we do not require your consent to use your information for billing, risk management or error management, quality improvement purposes; or to disclose personal health information in a number of permitted or required circumstances, including to eliminate or reduce a significant risk of serious bodily harm; or to fulfill mandatory reporting obligations under other laws such as for child protection or safe operation of a motor vehicle.

For More Information or Complaints

If you would like a copy of our Privacy Policy, please ask us.

We encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have about our privacy practices. Our Privacy Officer is:

Harry Jones
Executive Director
Clarence-Rockland FHT
2741 Chamberland Street
Rockland, Ontario
K4K 0B4

Telephone: (613) 446-7677
Fax: (613) 446-5737

If, after contacting us, you feel that your concerns have not been addressed to your satisfaction, you have the right to complain to the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario.  The Commissioner can be reached at:

Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario
2 Bloor Street East, Suite 1400
Toronto, Ontario M4W 1A8
1-416-325-9195 (fax)
or visit the IPC website via www.ipc.on.ca

Click here for a printable version of the Privacy notice (PDF format)

Our staff come to work to care for others, not to become the victim of violence, threatening behaviour, physical, verbal, racial abuse or discrimination.

Fear of being harmed

There is absolutely ZERO TOLERANCE for any conduct that causes any individual to fear they may be harmed.  In all such situations, the offending individual will be asked to immediately leave the premises.  If they are a patient, they will be immediately discharged from the practice with no option of returning in the future.

If there is physical contact without consent (e.g., grabbing, spitting, pushing), a police report will generally be filed to ensure appropriate records are maintained.

Other unacceptable behaviour

Generally speaking, our zero-tolerance policy extends to all other conduct which can be considered unacceptable in nature. We strive to treat individuals with respect and professionalism in all interactions, and we expect and require the same in return. This includes conduct whether in person, by phone, in writing, or by voicemail.

Examples of conduct which is unacceptable include:

  • Violence
  • Intimidation
  • throwing or damaging property
  • Inappropriate words
  • Abusive language
  • Disrespectful or demeaning language or conduct
  • Discriminatory remarks
  • Threats or threatening behaviour
  • Bullying

In extenuating circumstances, we may exercise our discretion to excuse a single lapse in judgment. If you have been referred to this policy in such circumstances, please consider yourself warned that your recent conduct was considered inappropriate and unacceptable.

No further warnings will be given - any further abusive conduct on your part will be grounds for immediate discharge from the Clarence-Rockland Family Health Team as a patient.

Instead of telephoning the clinic to book an appointment, we strongly recommend you use our new online booking system that is easily accessible from a smartphone or a computer, and is available 24 hours a day. Just click on the following link: https://linktr.ee/crfht  No registration is necessary, and the appointments shown are the same as our telephone operators can offer you.

Some appointment types will only be available for in-person visits as they require a doctor's assessment (e.g., annual checkup, skin condition, pediatric follow-up). Also, you must still telephone the clinic for an emergency appointment.

You will receive a confirmation of your appointment with the option to add it to your personal calendar. IF you provided an email address during booking, you will also receive two reminders: the first a week before your appointment, and the second 48 hours before. You may also receive forms to complete before your visit.

**** We remind you can no longer book an appointment on the Pomelo Portal by TELUS Heath.  We have replaced it with this new system****

a) Life-threatening conditions

For any life-threatening emergency please call 911 or get someone else to drive you to the Emergency Department.  Here are some examples of life-threatening emergencies:

  • Chest pain
  • Loss of vision
  • Sudden numbness
  • Difficulty speaking
  • Serious head injury

b) Urgent appointment

An urgent appointment is where you have an illness or injury that does not appear to be life–threatening, but that should be seen by any health care provider (i.e. your doctor or another doctor or a nurse practitioner) within 3 days.  Here are some examples of urgent problems:

  • Infections
  • Painful rash
  • Injuries / Cuts
  • Sprains / fractures
  • Dizziness
  • Acute major depression or panic attack (i.e. it happened in the past few days)
  • Blood pressure higher than 200/105 or lower than 90/60
  • Allergic reaction (excluding seasonal allergies)
  • Cold or flu symptoms that have persisted for more than 5 days

****Prescription renewals are not urgent (see Section 5 below)****

c) General or follow-up appointments

A general or follow-up appointment is for a new problem that is not urgent or a follow-up for an existing problem. These visits are scheduled according to your physician or nurse practitioner’s availability. Your physician or nurse practitioner may also decide when follow-up appointments are needed.  These visits are scheduled according to your physician or nurse practitioner’s availability. Here are some examples of general or follow-up appointments:

  • Prescription renewal
  • Chronic low back pain without new symptoms
  • Psoriasis
  • Hernia
  • Rash that is not too painful
  • Periodic health exam / physical exam
  • Maternity visits
  • Immunizations

It is YOUR responsibility to ensure you have enough medication at all times. In order to ensure you do not run out, you should:

  • Bring all of your medications to each appointment and review your needs with your physician or nurse practitioner
  • Ensure you have enough medication to last until your next appointment

If you run out of medication before your next appointment:

  • Call your pharmacy and have them fax your renewal to us at 613-446-5737
  • Allow a minimum of 7 business days for us to respond to your pharmacy
  • Please do not call the clinic for renewal requests as these will be refused

****Controlled substances require an appointment with your physician or nurse practitioner for renewal****

If your doctor at the clinic orders a test and the results are not normal, we will contact you either by phone or email depending on the urgency. If a specialist ordered a test, please contact her/him directly.

The table below gives an idea as to how long results take to come back for different tests.


Test Approx # of days to receive results
Bloodwork Up to 7 business days
Diagnostic Imaging (MRI, X-Ray, CT, Bone Density, Mammogram, Ultrasoubd, Nuclear Medicine, Fluoroscopy) Up to 14 business days
HIV test 10 business days
PAP test 60-90 business days
Biopsies 60-90 business days


We will not provide you with copies of your test results so if you want one, please contact the lab or radiology directly.

If you have forms or insurance documents that must be completed by your physician or nurse practitioner, you can drop them off at the clinic’s reception desk or in the box labelled for this purpose at the front door of the clinic. Please ensure that: 

  1. You print your first name, last name and date of birth on the document,
  2. You have completed and signed the “patient” section and/or consent,
  3. Multiple pages are stapled together and placed in an envelope,
  4. Your contact phone number is clearly indicated on the documents.

****Forms or documents that are missing any information will not be completed and will instead be returned to you by mail****

Your physician or nurse practitioner may take up to 25 business days to complete your documents. Only your own physician or nurse practitioner can complete your documents.

There will be a fee that will vary depending on the type of document filled out and that this fee is not covered by your OHIP card. Click here for the list of services not covered by OHIP.

All requests for letters or forms pertaining to a court case must be made directly to the clinic by your lawyer. Any fees incurred to respond to these requests will be billed directly to your lawyer.

If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment without having advised us, your appointment will be cancelled and you will need to book a new one.

If you call to advise us you will be more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, your physician or nurse practitioner will decide if they can still see you or if you need to rebook your appointment.

All appointment cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. There could be a fee of $55 to $100 for all missed appointments.

Your health card proves you're covered by OHIP – which is why you need to show it every time you see your doctor.

If you do not have your health card with you or if it is invalid (due to an expired card, a change in version code or a change in name) you will be charged a $75 fee prior to being seen.  However, if you present a valid health card within 3 months from the time of your visit, $60 will be reimbursed directly to the patient.

Your health card must be renewed before the indicated expiration date. Three months before it expires, you should take the necessary steps to renew your card.

Click here for information on how to renew your Ontario Health Card.


Masks are no longer required at the clinic.

However, if you have infectious symptoms such as a cough, a fever, chills, a sore throat, diarrhea or vomiting during your visit at the clinic, you will need to wear a mask in order to protect our staff and vulnerable patients.

Please note that masks were mandatory for all patients who came to the clinic with infectious symptoms prior to the pandemic.

Patients will not be allowed to transfer from their current doctor to another one in the clinic unless there are extenuating circumstances.  An example of an extenuating circumstance would be where a patient is receiving palliative care from one doctor and their spouse has a different doctor.  In this case it would make sense for both spouses to receive care from the same doctor.

Research suggests that a long term relationship between a patient and their physician promotes health and well-being.  As with every long-term relationship however, there will be some bumps in the road so we encourage patients to speak to their physician directly about any concerns they have.  If a patient is not comfortable speaking to their physician, s/he is free to find another doctor elsewhere.

Normally the ''Chart Transfer Request'' Form needs to be filled out in person so we can confirm your identity. In these exceptional times however, we have come up with a way for you to submit this request on-line.

  1. Download and print the consent form here
  2. Complete the form and sign it. Please note the following:
  • In the field “Photo ID” enter the type of photo ID you are using (e.g. driver’s license) and the number. The ID must show your signature
  • Skip the field “Clinic witness” and “Patient label”
  1. Send the signed form and copy of the photo ID by email to info@crfht.ca

We will place the form and photo ID in your chart, and one of our staff members will be in contact with you to proceed with payment.

Some services offered by the CRFHT are not covered by the Ministry of Health (OHIP). Please note that fees may be subject to change without notice.

You can see the list of services not covered by OHIP by clicking on the following link:

List of services not covered by OHIP

Effective June 12, 2023, the clinic’s physicians will no longer be able to provide care to anyone who moves outside the province of Ontario. You have the responsibility to notify us of any changes in your contact information (home address, phone number etc.) as soon as possible. Note that the government of Ontario specifies that you have 30 days to change the address on your health card after moving www.ontario.ca/page/change-address-drivers-licence-vehicle-permit-and-health-card

If you move outside of the province, your physician will continue to offer you care for a maximum period of 90 days, after which you will no longer be a patient of the clinic and you will need to find a new physician. Your health insurance coverage will continue for the allowable time (generally 90 days) following your move www.ontario.ca/page/replace-cancel-or-change-information-your-health-card

Once you have found a new doctor, please complete the file transfer request form found here, so that we can transfer your medical file. The cost of this operation is $50.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please call us at 613-446-7677 or e-mail us at info@crfht.ca