Extended hours for any minor emergencies, with evening and Saturday appointments.

Telephone Health Advisory Service (THAS), 1-866-553-7205.

Access to an interdisciplinary team



Consult us about ALL health problems requiring treatment in hospital, or that are not extreme emergencies, either by making an appointment at the clinic or by calling the THAS when the clinics are closed.

Avoid going to walk-in clinics such as the emergency clinic in Orléans or the Appletree clinics without consulting us first. This does not apply to care provided by specialists, emergency care at a hospital, or care during hospitalization. By complying with this request, you will be sure that your doctor is constantly kept up to date on your health, allowing him or her to provide you with optimum care.

Make sure you do the appropriate follow-up as suggested by the doctor.

Always bring your medications to your appointments.

If you cannot attend an appointment, out of respect for the doctor and the other patients who need an appointment, please provide us with at least 24 hours’ notice of the cancellation.