Family medicine

The Clarence-Rockland Family Health Team (CRFHT) is a bilingual family health team offering a comprehensive range of services; the team is made up of 15 physicians, 13 interdisciplinary care providers, and 30 administrative employees.

Clarence-Rockland is a predominantly Francophone semi-rural community located 30 minutes east of Ottawa. Because of its distance from the nearest hospitals and specialists, the physicians, in collaboration with interdisciplinary care providers and administrative employees, offer a range of preventative care and active care to more than 25,000 patients. We also bring other providers to the clinic to provide services (e.g. education on diabetes, arthritis, and fibromyalgia), thus reducing the need for patients to travel to Ottawa.

The clinic emphasizes quality improvement and performance measurement, because we believe this allows us to devote more time to our patients and to their actual care. To that end, all team members – physicians, interdisciplinary care providers and administrative employees – are encouraged to suggest any improvements they feel are necessary.

Finally, we firmly believe the patient must be recognized as part of the care team, and we are constantly looking for ways to enable them to fully participate in their own care.