Mental health

We offer short-term mental health services. These may start with group information sessions on various topics such as stress management, chronic pain, and sleep. Individual services are sometimes available.

The mental health team includes professionals and workers such as social workers, psychologists, and clinical psychology residents.

  • Accessing our services

  • Our services

  • Services in the community

Accessing our services

The mental health services offered by the CRFHT are available to patients registered at the clinic only.

Please note that we have waiting lists and we do not offer crisis or emergency services. Waiting times vary depending on the season and the number of requests received.

If you are not registered at the clinic and are looking for mental health services, please see the “Services in the community” section.

If you believe you would benefit from mental health services, please discuss this with your family doctor. You will need to complete a short questionnaire and drop it off at the clinic reception desk.

You can also print out and complete the following questionnaire: Interdisciplinary services questionnaire.

After you have completed the questionnaire and dropped it off at the clinic reception desk, we will contact you for a short phone interview. This call takes around 15 to 30 minutes. You can expect to receive a call within the week after you drop off the questionnaire.

The main purpose of the phone interview is to identify your needs so that you can be directed to the appropriate services for your current situation. After the call, we will advise you on the best services for your situation.

When to access these services?

We all go through difficult times or face challenges that are hard to overcome. Often in these situations we get the support we need from those close to us – family, friends and workmates. But sometimes, that support isn’t enough to get us through a complex situation. When your distress is not improving and is interfering with your quality of life, or your usual resources are not enough, professional help may be necessary.

There is no ideal time to seek these services. Sometimes there may be an urgent need to do so, for example:

  • When you are no longer able to carry out your daily activities;

  • When you are having problems in your interpersonal relationships;

  • When you are having trouble overcoming a hardship or trauma;

  • When your sleep is being affected;

  • When life no longer has meaning and you have no hope that things will change.

Our services

Information sessions

Information sessions are offered at one or two meetings that take about 90 minutes each. They are offered in small groups. During these meetings, the presenter will provide general information and a variety of techniques and strategies for better managing the problems related to the topic discussed. Although we encourage participants to ask questions and be active during the sessions, you are not at all required to discuss your personal experiences.

Individual sessions

At the first appointment, we will ask you to describe the problems you are dealing with and provide us with some details about your personal history. Measurement tools such as questionnaires may also be used to help the clinician identify your particular challenges.

It may take one or more sessions to gather this information. We will also help you set goals and identify the ways in which therapy will help you achieve them.

Services in the community

If required, please ask your doctor for a list of psychologists in private practice.

Help in the community

Professional associations, information and resources