Mask Mandate and Emergency Clinics

  • Mask Mandate - Good news!

After 3 long years, masks are no longer required at the clinic. However, if you have any infectious symptoms such as a cough, a fever, chills, a sore throat, diarrhea or vomiting during your visit at the clinic, you will need to wear a mask in order to protect our staff and vulnerable patients.
Please note that masks were mandatory for all patients who came to the clinic with infectious symptoms prior to the pandemic.

  • Emergency Clinics

Our Emergency Clinics run from 5pm to 8pm from Monday to Thursday and 1pm to 4pm on Friday. They are accessible by appointment only. These Clinics are for situations where you have an illness or injury that does not appear to be life-threatening, but that should be seen by a health care provider, for example: infections, injuries/cuts, sprains/fractures, dizziness, allergic reactions, cold or flu symptoms that have persisted for more than 5 days.
Note that as of today, appointments for our Emergency Clinics will only be available the same day. Once our Emergency Clinics are full, you will need to contact us the next day in order to get an appointment.