Mask mandate - update June 2022

Dear patients,

We are asking for your help and support.
As you know the requirement to wear a mask in a healthcare facility will be lifted tomorrow, Saturday June 11 2022, at midnight. Despite this, the hospitals in the region have decided to continue requiring a mask and we will do the same.
Thanks to vaccinations, increased herd immunity as well as the efforts and concessions we all have made, we are slowly returning to a more normal life. But despite all the progress we have made as of today there are 562 people in Ontario hospitalized with COVID of which 114 are in the ICU. Ontarians continue dying of the disease.
In the clinic we are responsible for the care of a vulnerable population who is at a greater risk of complications related to COVID. Masks have shown unequivocally that they significantly reduce the risk of transmission of COVID and other airborne diseases. In order to protect all patients coming into the clinic, all the doctors and staff will continue to wear masks to provide your care. In turn we ask that all our patients also keep masking while in the clinic out of respect and consideration for our vulnerable patients for whom we need to ensure a safe environment.
Thank you for your continued collaboration,

All physicians of the Clarence-Rockland Family Health Team